Kari Jobe – The more I seek you (Lyrics)

- noviembre 9, 2017



One or the most inspiring songs and quite easy to enter into worship with this song Hope it speaks to your soul. God Bless!!


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  • My favorite song ❤❤❤

    Beautiful Doll - 3 weeks ago

  • God

    I know you love me - 3 weeks ago

  • On this day my best friend stepped between a bullet and his mother. Nobody pushed me harder to believe and the word of God the way he did and tonight I find my self listening to this knowing he sits by our God. I ask for forgiveness for all my sins but I also need forgiveness for the fact that I can't forgive and his death will not go without Vengeance. He may not have wanted that but his family does as do I and I will send them to their judgement.

    Nicklaus Mead - 3 weeks ago

  • Its a good song.

    sandra kenda - 3 weeks ago

  • Thank you very much for your love Jesus, it’s so much than I can not talk about.

    Jean Toussaint Cliftania - 1 month ago

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