The Great Deception – Dr. Charles Stanley

- julio 26, 2017



Guidance From the Garden, Part 2
Satan’s words to Eve about eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil directly contradicted what God had told her. Yet he convinced her there would be no repercussions to her disobedience. Satan still uses the same lie to deceive us today—that God’s Word can’t be trusted and that sin has no consequences. Learn to resist his deception and obey God.

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  • Amen

    Aaron Estrada - 1 week ago

  • What a load of slop. First, prove there's any deity in the sky who can do a damn thing about anything. YOU NEVER WILL.

    J M2064 - 1 week ago

  • a true teacher....

    Rail rider - 1 week ago

  • Satan you don't belong on this site! Good thing.your IP can be tracked.

    Jodi Buccafurri - 2 weeks ago

  • Great video!!!!! Good spiritual food.

    David Foley - 2 weeks ago

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